A Podcast is a digital show that is created, delivered, and distributed through an online directory. Podcast are usually broken up into individual episodes or are apart of a group of episodes that make up a series. Podcasters use directory sites such as Apple, Spotify, Google Play for distributing shows and making them available for listeners.


Unlike radio, listeners don’t have to ‘tune in’ to your station at a certain time on a certain channel. Instead, they have access to your podcast on-demand and downloadable by subscribing via an RSS feed.​​​​​​​You first have to create a podcast that is uploaded to a hosting site. Your hosting site will provide you with an RSS feed that will be used to add your show into the podcast directories.​​​​​​​After adding your podcast, any new or removed podcast will be updated so that your show is up-to-date and always showing the shows you want.


People choose to start a podcast for many reasons. I think most people start a podcast because they have something cool to share. Like me, I imagine that most podcasters have been told by someone that you should start a podcast. Some have something that interested them that they want to tell. Others have some information, stories or teachings that they believe will help someone. Or you just want to have great conversations with great people.​​​​​​​If you have something that compels you to make a podcast, then go ahead and do it. There are enough listeners for us all.


  1. People like podcasts.
    • People enjoy listening to a podcast and learning something new, cool or when they can get more information and insight to live life by.
  2. Not everyone wants to read
    • People are busy and they don’t have the time to sit and read a book. People are on the go and whether it be driving in a car to work, commuting on public transportation, working out, cleaning up or cooking. Listening to a podcast is easy and a great way to get through some downtime.
  3. It’s easier to produce a blog
    • People are not the best writers and with blogging, you have to be an English major and spend too much time formatting and
  4. Podcast are sticky and have a short learning curve
    • With so many different ways to make a podcast, you basically just turn on your mic, record device and start talking.
  5. Personal brand
    • It helps to build your personal brand by getting a chance to share your viewpoints, values, and beliefs.
  6. Become a welcomed guest
    • You the opportunity to be apart of someone’s life and routine. You have the chance to help shape and influence someone’s thoughts about the topics you and your guest cover.
  7. Align yourself with successful people and brands
    • Gives you the chance to talk to cool, controversial or just knowledgeable people about a particular topic
  8. Service your audience in an authentic voice
    • You get a chance to speak about how you are and about your experiences.
  9. Develop your speaking skills
    • Get a chance to speak and hear yourself. You can refine your message and really start to improve your speaking skills.
    • You may get a chance to be invited to do in-person.
  10. Lucrative


Unlike radio, users don’t have to ‘tune in’ to a particular broadcast at a certain time. Instead, they download the podcast and listen on demand by subscribing via an RSS feed  (Really Simple Syndication), which automatically downloads the podcast to their phones, computers, or adds to their playlist


  • Decide on what type of show and what segments
  • Create a name
  • Decide on a set number of shows
  • Create your show and format
  • What is your format
  • Keep it consistent but fresh
  • Do research to gain background and insight
  • Determine the time needed to deliver a podcast


Setup and connect your microphone and headsets.

Find a comfortable place to record

Get some water and review the show

Whether you are using USB Mic, a digital Interface, your phone or your built-in microphone, it is important to get everything connected.

Make sure to connect all your equipment to your computer and if you are using a laptop, make sure to plug-in a charger. If you are using USB mics, make sure to grab a usb hub to power all your devices.

Before getting started, make sure to close all un-necessary applications.

Open Garage band

Follow the video below for more information on how to record a Podcast.


Download Script Template

Download Garage Band Project

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